The MO Pros February Newsletter

We’ve averaged more than 119 members added per month since October which honestly is the most amazing thing… ever.

MO Pros Community Update

Hey MO Pros!

Thank you all for making this community a thriving and valuable place for everyone who joins.

The conversations have been amazing lately and I can’t wait to see more of you collaborate.

Now, on to the updates:

Over 590 community members!! 

Note: this data only goes through the beginning of March so it’s missing some of the latest members who joined).

We’ve averaged more than 119 members added per month since October which honestly is the most amazing thing… ever.

As always, I’m doing my best to find ways to continue supporting you all and all I ask is that you continue supporting each other and when you have time, share the community so we can continue to grow and learn together.

4,250 Messages sent in Feb! 💬

Ya’ll must have been feelin’ the LOVE last month! 😉

New Content Coming Soon

I’ll be getting new blog content published soon, but in the meantime here are some interesting articles that I found recently.

Marketing Ops:

Rev Ops:


Did I miss something interesting? Share it on Slack!

PS: Yes, we have a blog. Yes, I want you all to be featured on it. Yes, if you have something to share I want to hear from you. Email me, let’s get your expertise out there! Need inspiration?

Here are some topics I would want to read:
– The most kickass workflow you ever built in (Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, etc)
– The number one piece of advice to give anyone implementing (name the product)
– What it takes to be a consultant MOP
– Or any other thing you want to tell the MOPs world about!

Things You Might Have Missed on Slack 🕵

This is all about surfacing questions that you might have missed. Reach out to the folks in Slack directly to help them out and be sure to check back often so you don’t miss out next time!

From @Bill Fetter
Does anyone here use ActiveCampaign? I have a question about the image library
Posted in #tech-stack | Feb 27th | View message

From @Abdallah Al-Hakim
I am looking to decide between Salesloft or Outreach. Both seem very comparable. Any extra input is appreciated
Posted in #tech-stack | Feb 27th | View message

From @Krista Muir
Hi there! Have any of you asked candidates to complete an exercise prior to bringing them on-site for interviews? I’m very used to asking candidates for portfolio samples, but would love to learn how folks have done this for Marketing Operations Manager (or Sr Marketing Ops Manager) with ~4-6 yrs of experience.
Posted in #hiring | Yesterday at 6:00 PM | View message

From @Kristen Keefer: Have you worked with BrightFunnel via Terminus? What are your thoughts vs Bizible?
@Kristen Keefer asked @Drew Smith about BrightFunnel via Terminus vs Bizible and some serious KNOWLEDGE was dropped. Read the entire thread in the #b2bchats channel before it disappears!

The Marketing Operations Playbook Template 🤓

Thus far, those who have purchased the marketing operations playbook template continue to share their feedback and I can’t tell you how important that is to me. Also, special thanks to those who took the time to share it with their networks:

PS: #shamelessplug here… If you happen to Google it, I hope you find it ranking #1 and in a featured snippet as I do!
🙂 🙂 🙂

If interested, get yours here.

MO Pro-File (punny?) 👨👩

If you‘re a MOP that side hustles with the best of em, and you‘re interested in having your profile listed on the MO Pros website please let me know by completing the MOPro-file survey

Shout Out to Sara McNamara!

Shout out to Sara McNamara for helping drive the conversation about MOPs and for helping us add more amazing members!

Sara’s been championing a bunch of Marketing Ops Slack channels (including and has a lot of great content on LinkedIn. If you haven’t already had a chance to take her Marketing Operations Consulting Survey do so, but here are the results.

You can also listen to her podcast where she “talks through the hot topics in marketing and revenue operations.”

Here’s where you can listen:

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