Summer Camp is Back for Marketing & Revenue Ops!

The MO Pros community has been asking if we’ll host another Summer Camp this year, and we’re pleased to say SUMMER CAMP IS BACK!

We’re capping registration at 50 total attendees to ensure a great learning and community-building experience.

Join us for Summer Camp!
July 11 – 13, 2022

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Join us at the beautiful

Cedarbrook Lodge

Not your typical hotel near SeaTac experience, your time at Cedarbrook Lodge gives you access to a lush 18-acre retreat, placing you amid a true urban oasis. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, (OR SUMMER CAMP!!) this is your well-earned escape.


“It feels very surreal to say this,… But the Seattle MO Pros Summer Camp feels like a very special experience.

I don’t know if I have ever stayed so engaged in presentations and discussions, or ever felt so connected with fellow event-mates in this way. I have full belief I’ll be staying in touch with the people I have met and learned from here. Mike Rizzo and the MO Pros team of Ambassadors are building something uniquely special here, I’m simply honored to witness it.

Thank you for the experience, I LOVE CAMP!”

Originally shared on LinkedIn
Courtney McAra
Mustang MarTech

“You have created something special here.”

“The quality of the people, expertise, and conversations, combined with the small, intimate format of the event, were unlike other event experiences I’ve had. I came away having made some relationships that I have a hunch will continue the rest of my career. I’m not just saying that to be nice, either. This was truly a type of magic that doesn’t happen often.
Can’t wait for the next event.”
Mike Kaput
Chief Content Officer, Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute

Summer Camp 2021 Memories

Curated Attendees & Sessions

The format will be curated content and facilitated conversations.  Only Marketing and Revenue Operations professionals and thought leaders will be allowed to register and attend the sessions.  Sponsors will be invited to social events (and of course, share their No B.S. Demo).


We start Monday at 5:30 pm and will be done Wednesday by 2:00 pm.

Summer camp is all about education through facilitated discussions, roundtables, and Pro-to-Pro learning.

You won’t see keynotes & breakout sessions on the agenda, as it’s not that kind of event – it’s Summer Camp!
You won’t be watching someone on a stage presenting (ahem, pitching) and talking at you.

Welcome Reception / Camp Orientation

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Enjoy a casual get-together with fellow Marketing and Revenue Operations Pros as we prepare up for an exciting day of learning and collaboration.

Dinner On Your Own

7:30 to 9:00 pm

Fireside Hangout (optional)

9:00 pm to ZZZ

Achieving Buy-In: How to Gain Support for Your Vision

It’s no secret that achieving buy-in from senior leaders is often a challenge, especially from the seat of a MOps professional. So how can you avoid this major roadblock and gain support for your critical initiatives? It starts with understanding a few key table stakes and evolving a clear vision that your audience can connect with. This session will aim to put proven tactics into a practical framework that you can walk away with and execute – all while sharing tips, stories, and failures from past experiences.

Crowdsourcing Cross-team Collaboration

Right now is a moment to shine for marketing ops. Every single critical go-to-market motion rests on our shoulders. So how do you orchestrate and control functions that you don’t own – but that are dependencies to your success? MH lines will facilitate a discussion of the best minds in marketing ops to put together a hit list of best practices.

Analytics that Matter: Actionable insights through hypothesis-driven thinking

As marketers, we have more raw data than we know what to do with. But how do you tell a story, extract insight, and know what to do next as a marketer when we are swimming in all the data. In this half-day session, we will dive deep into methodically combining the principles of marketing data, the key reports to be looking at that matter to the C-suite, and scientific hypothesis-driven thinking. This will give you the tools, and the framework to help you and your organization know what marketing to do more of, less of, and different. Reach for the holy grail of what all marketers want to do. There will be ample time to apply what you’ve learned and receive feedback to ensure you walk away with a blueprint of what you need to do once you return to work.

Game/Activity: Translating MOps Geek Speak to C-Suite Speak

You’ll have to be there to learn what this is all about 😉

Summer Camp BBQ & Games

Camp Delicacies and games out on the lawn.

PLG: The modern MarTech stack and what MOps needs to know

Unfortunately, every PLG company has made at least one mistake on their modern MarTech stack. After looking under the hood at nearly 100 PLG companies across all stages, this session will explore how product-led growth shacking up the traditional B2B MarTech stack, what are some of the issues to consider, how the best marketing teams supercharge growth by leaning into product analytics, and more.

Marketing Operations Push Back – The Right Way!

How to successfully push back as the “trusted advisor/consultant/owner” of the tech stack that was sold with all these promises but it’s failing. How do you navigate a stack that was put in before you? There are nearly 10K tools at your disposal, are you a “Jack of all trades master of none”? Regardless of which hat, the world of RevOps is going faster and there is a “do more with less expectation growing quickly”. Let’s discuss how to balance it all.

Another Session TBD

Our final presentation details will be released soon!

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Hotel + Food + Content + Community

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Frequently asked questions:


Who can attend?

This is a curated event – meaning only Marketing and Revenue Operations professionals will be able to register to attend sessions. The goal is for the sessions to be intimate and exclusively focused on the job at hand for Marketing Operations (just like the community). Consultants, who do Marketing Operations every day, are invited to attend sessions. ANY selling is strictly forbidden and violators will be asked to leave, just like in the community.


What about COVID? Is vaccination required?

We really want this to be a safe event for everyone. You’ll need to show proof of ANY of the following:

(a) Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card
(b) Your negative test.

Prior to attending, you’ll need to complete this form showing proof of your vaccination or a negative test.


Will Sponsors Be Pitching Me?

If the attendee isn’t in Marketing Ops, they won’t be in the room with us.

We are excited to let sponsors make this event better for our attendees by sponsoring fun activities and helping us keep the cost to attend as low as possible!


What if I have COVID symptoms and need to cancel?

We certainly hope this isn’t the case! If you do need to cancel, we’ll refund 50% of the cost of the ticket to attend the conference. If you had already booked airfare or other travel, those costs will be your responsibility.


How can we sponsor?

Contact us: info(at) or use the contact us page:


What technologies should apply?

This is a B2B focused symposium, but technology agnostic.