NO BS Martech Demos

This member-only exclusive content gives our community the ability to skip the demo form and get a no bs look at leading Marketing Technology products.



Here’s the BS you deal with

  • You want a demo, but filling out a demo request form… bs
  • Then you bs back and forth…
  • Getting nurture content afterward… bs (most of it anyway)
  • Unsubscribing… bs
    (where is that little “text-decoration: none;” link anyway?!?)
  • Pricing Discussions… bs

Our NBSDs answer these 10ish questions

  • What is the product / what does it do / why does it exist?
  • Why do MO Pros use your product?
    (Ideally, provide 3 key examples of where your product shines)
  • What integrations are most frequently used?
  • What’s the average size of your customer?
  • What’s the average time to complete an implementation?
  • What’s the pricing model and are there setup costs?
  • Which internal teams are needed to get fully implemented?
  • Are external agencies/consultants need to be successful?
  • What support options are available and do they cost more?
  • What is the average time it takes to see success?
    (ROI, goal achieved, campaign sent, etc)