The Marketing Operations Playbook Template

Here are the 9 elements of this digital download. With it, you’ll build a Marketing Operations Playbook that your head of Marketing and leadership team will thank you for.

  1. Demand Generation Tools
  2. Opportunity Source Attribution
  3. Sales Tools
  4. Marketing Campaign Management & Reporting
  5. Internal Communication Tools
  6. Internal Document Management
  7. Lifecycle Management
  8. Definitions / Index
  9. Lead Source Attribution

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We offer free shipping anywhere in the U.S. A skilled delivery team will bring the boxes into your office.

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9 key elements that should exist in the standard MOPB

  • Demand Generation Tools
  • Opportunity Source Attribution
  • Sales Tools
  • Marketing Campaign Management & Reporting
  • Internal Communication Tools
  • Internal Document Management
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Definitions / Index
  • Lead Source Attribution

What is a “Marketing Operations Playbook” [MOPB]?

The Marketing Operations Playbook is meant to serve as the organization’s official document on the processes, procedures, and tools for handling all the people that move through the Marketing & Sales funnel.

The Marketing Operations Playbook should also act as an anchor for the organization’s lifecycle program. This means all new and existing employees should be able to refer to the MOPB to have a clearer understanding of how a record will move through the lifecycle stages of the business.

Tip: Because every business will have unique departments, roles, tools, and terminology it’s important to build out the MOPB with stakeholders from across the organization to ensure nothing is missed.

Common questions that come up when a company is growing

  • What is the difference between an iMQL and MQL?
  • How do we manage marketing campaigns?
  • What tools do we use for CRM and Marketing?
  • How are lead sources attributed to records?

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  1. My mind is blown. I am literally trying to build out this exact item and this template is saving me countless hours of work! Incredible structure and super easy lay-person’s terms!

    Lisa schultz (verified owner)

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