Anne Angele

  • United States




I’m incredibly passionate about helping companies make the most out of their MarTech investments. With a background in lead generation and email marketing prior to diving into marketing automation, I enjoy both the technical puzzles of MarTech and zooming out to see how technology fits into your larger marketing strategy. I have been consulting full-time for nearly 5 years and have worked with dozens of companies to fix, enhance, or develop their tech stack. I currently offer support for everything from basic campaign execution to more complex projects like tech stack audits.

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Demandbase, DiscoverOrg/ZoomInfo, Slack, Asana, Salesforce, Full Circle Insights, Bizible, Etrigue, Engagio, SalesLoft, Mavenlink, Calendly, Wistia, Zoom, Google Cloud, GoToMeeting, Terminus, Sendoso, Uberflip, 6Sense, Madison Logic, Integrate, Triblio, on24