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I help B2B & SaaS founders scale fast!
By building right messaging, sales & marketing funnels, and a clear plan for growth.

After founding several startups, 200+ employees & my last exit, I am now helping B2B startups achieve their sales potential.

Sales is a science. Just like you engineer your product into existence, you need to build a sales & marketing machine to help people see how your product changes their lives for the better.

I know first-hand how frustrating it is when you have “the best idea in the world”, develop a new product, that nobody at the end really cares about & soon you run out of money. This is from my own experience, let’s say more than once.

Now I help founders build their sales machine & reach predictable revenue (i.e. predictable growth) in weeks, rather than months (or even years) of trial & error.

Is your startup’s growth stalled❓

What do you need help with❓
✔️Getting more leads.
✔️Converting those leads into customers.
✔️Building your sales and marketing funnels that actually bring more revenue.
✔️Scaling your B2B or SaaS business.

I work with founders to help them get unstuck and give a clear path to predictable & hyper-growth. 

What’s my offer❓
Connect with me on LinkedIn with a note saying – I’m from MO Pros Let’s talk.
or mail me at

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Other Experience, Outreach, Cognism,, Salesloft,, Pipedrive, OctopusCRM, (and other LinkedIn Automation tools), and many more...