Steve Pogue

  • United States


Hi there, marketing ops professional checking in from Louisville by way of Philadelphia.

I’m the right-hand of our Marketing and Sales Directors here at Workzone project management pulling the backend strings for our lead gen efforts, Hubspot instance, and sales pipeline processes. When I first start a project or new initiative I tend to envision the final product and design processes backwards. I think, plan, and execute around what that desired final product is by listening, askign a lot of (probably too many) questions, and then listen some more to give my internal clients the support they need.

Specifically here as the Marketing Operations Manager at Workzone, I build efficient processes within our tech stack to drive cost-effective, qualified leads to sales. You’ll also find me analyzing lead and customer data to drive strategic decisions about where to productively spend our marketing dollars.

Previous to Workzone, I started my career as a Fund Analyst at venture capital firm First Round Capital. Leading finance team back-office efforts in accounting procedure, audit management, internal and external financial reporting, and investment record keeping, I learned a lot from some of the best.

In my spare time I play 19th century base ball (yes two words!) for the Eclipse Base Ball Club of Elkton, Maryland and Bluegrass Barons of Lexington, Kentucky, tour national parks, and try new buffalo wings wherever I go.

My core competencies include: CRM Management, Marketing Automation, Product Marketing, Content Marketing Strategy, Sales Enablement, Demand Generation, Change Management, Reporting, Analysis, Social Media Marketing, Employee Engagement, Email Marketing, and Branding. 

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Zapier, Slack, Google Sheets, Excel, Hubspot, Wordpress, Calendly, Google Suite