Swarnendu Dutta

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After the realisation that I will not be making into the tomorrowland mainstage, I spent evenings learning PHP and trawling the digital job boards seeking an employment. So it is no surprise that I now work in helping brands build their online presence.

Responsible for information architecture, drupal development and building new features like an automated webinar system for a consultancy firm in UK that reached 4.5m+ people and worked directly with 8,500+ career changers across 43 countries.

After 4+ years in web development agency, I now get excited to learn about how brands reach audience and how multiple ingredients put together makes them stand apart. I am focused on putting my skills to good use by helping and supporting projects that I really care about.

Made the move to Marketing Operations by starting out working briefly with a digital marketing agency where I integrated marketing strategies in Mautic, an open source marketing automation platform for parent organisation.

Set up entire marketing operations engine which helped HackerEarth drive data-driven marketing strategies using reports and dashboards and making sure the metrics adheres to benchmarks. Built processes around marketing, sales and product which enabled the team to function efficiently as a lean marketing unit.

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Salesforce, Google Analytics, Google Optimize, Zapier, Intercom, Crazyegg, Hotjar, Google Adwords, Demandbase, Mailchimp, Ahrefs, Semrush.