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Take a look at the marketing automation projects I have completed on my site:

As a marketing operations lead I have built 25+ zaps using the Zapier automation tool along with Google sheets, the Marketo Rest API, Python and Javascript (Google Scripts) to automate the creation of and bulk modification to Marketo people & assets as well as the alerting and tagging of sales members for lead and target account activity.

Using the “Code by Zapier” step along with Python I have been able to integrate API calls into zaps and unlock custom functionality to:

  • Upload content to Marketo and Airtable from Google form submissions (using the Marketo, Dropbox, Rebrandly, and Airtable APIs) so that content is available for view by customers and can be utilized by sales team members
  •  Iterate through a Google sheet (using webhooks in Zapier) to update Marketo program costs with paid advertising spend to enable calculation of ROI on leads generated
  • Create Marketo programs and emails from Google sheet templates filled out by the marketing team to distribute content to customers
  • Create Marketo programs from Google form submissions and sheets to track visitors from paid and organic channels based on querystring parameters and update lead profiles with the corresponding attribution
  • Tag sales team members in Slack when notifications come through for their leads  

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