We’re a community of Marketing Operations Professionals (MO Pros)

This community is made up of marketing professionals from a wide array of industries and backgrounds. We’ve got members who are experienced in multiple marketing automation platforms and a wide variety of marketing technology solutions.

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The MO Pros

Ready to connect and collaborate with a group of fun and wicked smart Marketing Operations Professionals?

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Marketing Operations Community Benefits


  • Join the always-on an wicked smart Marketing Operations Slack community to chat and learn from the professionals all around the world.
  • Conversations happen daily across multiple channels such as; #hubspot, #marketo, #strategy, #demandgeneration, and more!
  • Within days of joining you’ll have met more Marketing Operations Professionals than most will meet in their entire career!


  • Our community members span 100’s of companies from startups to enterprises including; WeWork, Aircall, Mavenlink, TripleLift, Litify, ORM Technologies, Perkuto, Salesloft, SAP, Cvent, BMC Software, and more!
  • Whether you’re new to the industry or a veteran MOP, you’re going to learn a ton from the ongoing conversations –  you may need to take an aspirin… because you’re brain will be on fire!!!


  • If you’re looking to break into a Marketing Operations role, this community is here to support you as you search for your opportunity.
  • Marketing Ops jobs are periodically listed in our #hiring channel and our community members help each other look over resumes, and may even help you practice for your interview!


  • We’ve polled our community and everyone is excited to learn from other Marketing Operations Pros in live ask me anything (AMA) sessions
  • MO Pros members are featured as the guest of honor in our community where all members can come and ask them anything. You can seek career advice, tips on using a tech stack, or just their favorite color.


  • We encourage the community to schedule in-person localized meetups around the world to help to get to know each other a little better.

  • In addition to localized groups, we also have channels for upcoming conferences where many of our members self-organize to meet during the event! For example, OpsStars and Dreamforce are great meeting opportunities for our members!

Members <3 The Community

See what Marketing Operations Pros are saying about the community:

Hey everyone, I just wanted to give a huge shout out to this community. I recently started a new role in marketing/revenue ops and the MO Pros community was a huge factor in helping me break into a MOPs role! Thanks for answering my questions and allowing me to learn by osmosis over the past couple months, it’s been great to see what other people have been doing. This all has been so valuable during interviewing at different companies. Thanks!!

Brad Couture
Boston, MA

Rise up, wise up! That’s how I feel being a part of the awesome MOPros community where like-minded individuals meet to share and collaborate. I feel compelled to Rise up to the top of my game and Wise up by mind-sharing with all of the amazingly talented people in this space.

Naomi Liu
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Haven’t been here long but within five minutes of joining I was able to help a fellow MOPro out and learn a few new things myself. Instant impact for me and I hope the community grows.

Steve Pogue
Philedelphia, PA

I am 10x the marketing operations professional for having been a part of a super intelligent network of MOPs stars in the MO Pros Slack channel!

Sara McNamara
San Diego, CA

The MO Pros community has been a long time coming in both the B2B and B2C space. It’s a community where operations folks feel safe and inspired to knowledge share, get answers on the newest tech or best practices and together, give a collective voice to our career and expertise. It’s been a game changer for me to meet other ops folks, build my network and find some incredible mentors helping me grow my career!

Kristin Keefer

I love group like MO Pros where I can ask granular question. You guys here are so helpful!

Phuong Vu
San Francisco, CA

I’m now at Illumio working on their current Tech Stack, and really digging this Mops Slack channel! It’s been one of the best resources lately to hear about the latest trends from all of you. Most of all, thanks to @misterizzo for helping to moderate this awesome channel!

Michael Hawkins
San Francisco, CA

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